Tuesday, 16 August 2011

CASE Study Challenge #52 - Jen Rzasa

Hello everybody!

I know I'm cutting it a bit fine for the deadline this week - it wouldn't be the case if I got a chance to do these things over the weekend!  Ho hum, such is life :)

As another part of the anniversary celebrations, this week's CASE Study challenge was to CASE another challenge participant.  When I first read it I was really excited, then, I thought about it!  Aaargh!  Not only was I going to have to pick someone to CASE out of ALL that talent, I was going to have to CASE them!  I say that because I'd hate to offend anyone by choosing one of their cards and then not doing it the justice it deserves - which is pretty much what has happened!  Sorry Jen!

After the excitement and then abject panic I chose a design by Jen Rzasa.  I love Jen's style and she just keeps churning out gems, it's quite incredible!  It took me an age to choose a card to CASE, partly because ther are so many to choose from, and secondly because I thought I'd better not pick something that was beyond my capabilities!  Well, the second one didn't go quite so well!

Here is Jen's card that I eventually chose to CASE;

and here's my attempt;

I'll be honest, the reason for it being in white is because I'm out of kraft card!  How terrible is that!  Sshh, don't tell anyone though!!  :)  I also didn't have any patterned paper because I generally don't buy it.  Sooo, I used the emboss resist technique with some Distress Inks to mimc that pretty paper that Jen used. 

Now, I do have some embroidery thread, however it is currently in a bag which is right at the bottom of quite a large box, which is underneath several other boxes (we're currently refurbishing the house!) and I was not in the mood to lift them all out of the way for some thread!  I did have some sewing thread to hand though, so I used that.  I only had the two 'pinky' shades so I dyed some white thread with ink for the rest.  I busted out my inks and nibs too for a little Calligraphy for the sentiment, it's been a while :)

Well, I hope Jen isn't too offended or disappointed with my interpretation of her work?!  Jen, if you're reading this, some pointers would be appreciated - especially photography ones!  You have mastered it and I'm hoping that my cards might look a little better if I could at least portray them as they are in real life!

Thanks all for watching, I'll be back soon with some Viva La Verve and a birthday card for my 'Grandson'!

Card:       White 220gsm; Red 200gsm
Stamps:   SU! En Francais
Ink:          Distress Ink - Victorian Velvet, Wild Honey, Antique Linen; ColorBox Queue - Canary
Other:      Rhinestones; acrylic ink; sewing thread


  1. Wow!! I am so flattered that you chose a card of mine to CASE...and you definitely did an awesome job! I love the emboss resist you did instead of using patterned paper, and the colors look so fresh!

    Why would I be offended or disappointed!? Your card is beautiful and I have no pointers because there is nothing I would change. As far as photography, I feel like I am very inconsistent. Sometimes I love my photos, sometimes I am embarrassed by them. I use a light tent with lights that mimic natural light, or I go outside. Email me if you want more info on that.

    Thanks again for CASEing me, you are so sweet! :)

  2. I came to visit because Jennifer cased one of your cards, how fuuny that you cased one of hers too. I love your card and how you created your own pattern paper it's beautiful.

  3. So great that you CASE'd each other and you did an awesome job here Sian. Love the inky technique instead of the patterned paper :)
    Jenny x

  4. Hi Sian! Love, love, love the emboss resist! The colors you chose are beautiful! Fantastic job with your CASE! Thanks for visiting me :)

  5. Gorgeus!! Both the inspiration card and your take :) Thanks for playing!

  6. love the way you've created your own patterned paper, it's gorgeous!
    Kelly xx


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