Sunday, 9 March 2014

Happy belated birthday...

Hello everybody!

In all this excitement of last week, I didn't get the chance to even look at my poor desk, let alone sit at it and get any cards made.  This unfortunately meant that my Mum's other half is missing a birthday card - I know, that's a serious fail :(  I have, however, made one for him now and will be sending it ASAP.  His birthday was on Friday, I'm hoping he receives his card no later than Tuesday...we'll see...

I have made this card using the challenge at The Card Concept which is a colour challenge.  The colours are Lime, Espresso and White.

I'll be honest, it hasn't turned out exactly as I thought it would.  The colours look DREADFUL on this monitor too...I'm hoping it's just mine, but if it looks bad on yours too then I can only apologise!  I tried to edit it to make the colours look truer, but I think that's going to have to go in the epic fail bin!  The green is a bright lime IRL and the brown is a lovely deep chocolate.  I embossed the sentiment in WOW!'s - Bark embossing powder which was a surprisingly good match for the brown cardstock - I was very impressed!  ;)

Erm...I don;t know what style category this would fall into...maybe Clean and Graphic because of the circles...?  I'm going to leave that one out there - let me know what you think!?

Doesn't this look yummy!?  It really invokes my gluten envy!!!...

So there you are ;)  It's lovely to 'see' you all and I have some other posts for this week so hopefully it won't be too long until I'm back again!  ;)

Thanks for stopping by ;)

Card:      Paper Mill Direct - White, Chocolate, Lime
Stamps: Clear Impressions - Cherry Blossom
Ink:        Ranger - Perfect Medium
Other:    WOW! - Primary Bark e/p; Spellbinders - Circle Dies


  1. I would definitely call this a clean and graphic card (although I'm no expert) and a fabulous one, too! Great take on the challenge!

  2. I vote clean and graphic, too. This is a super-cool card, Sian! I really love it. I don't know what it looks like on your monitor, but on mine it looks fabulous!

  3. I'm not sure either , but it is fun!

  4. In my opinion is clean & graphic. However it's a nice combination diferent kinds of circles, colours and sentiment :). I'm sure that the reciever will be glad, when he gets it :)


  5. Graphic Gorgeous, for sure! So fun to look at! Loving your arrangement and stacked sentiment!

  6. Great card. Love the angle you used for the shoot.
    The colors look good on my computer.

  7. This is a delightful card for the belated birthday, Sian! The lime looks as limey as can be, the brown is the hard one to photograph. I made a pink and dark chocolate card a while back and everyone said, oh, I love pink with black! Not much you can do about it! I believe you that it is a lovely deep chocolate IRL! The design is, as usual, excellent!! Hugs, Darnell

  8. A most handsome and striking card for your mom's 'other half'; one guaranteed to bring a mega-watt smile! Sometimes late is a good thing: it means your card will stand out from those received 'on the day', having solo opportunity for oohing and ahhing! Your colours look as rich and vibrant as you intended them to be! Clean, graphic and GORGEOUS!! Hugs~c

  9. I love your take on the challenge, Sian! Such a clever idea to use all those circles and create movement on your card! I think it's probably 'Clean and Graphic', but I always yield to the DT girls to decide :-) And, the colors look great on my fact, they're very cool!

  10. I also say Clean and Graphic. I love the modern feel of it.

  11. I immediately thought Clean and Graphic! Those circles are very the great combination of the lime and the espresso colors. The colors look wonderful on my monitor, but I know what you mean...mine was very difficult to photograph too!

  12. We seem to be on the same wave length...pity I hadn't thought to do circles instead of rectangles yours looks so much more eyecatching and fab!! x

  13. Graphic gloriousness in its finest moment! Spectacular design, beautifully balanced, flawlessly executed .... in other words, totally made my heart go pitter-patter! The color shows up clear and vibrant on my monitor. Personally, I find green is one of the toughest to capture in a photo!

    I'm so glad that you shared this card with us at the Card Concept Challenge and with your permission I would love to CASE it for my BIL's birthday card.

  14. I love the colours and think the crisp, graphic feel of your card is spectacular! Thank you for joining us at The Card Concept!

  15. This card is awesome!!! Great colors and i just love the circles!!!
    Thank you so much for joining us at The Card Concept!!!

  16. I am back to congratulate you on winning over at The Card Concept! Well deserved, too!
    Haven't seen you around in a while... Hope everything is ok...?


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