Monday, 8 December 2014

My memories...

Hello there!

I'm here again with another month of WOW! Embossing Powder challenge goodness and our new theme for the month is Memories.

I'm not a Scrapbooker or someone who really records events - although I probably should!  When presented with this theme I thought about what it meant to me.  

Myself and my enduring Other Half have been together 6 years this month and I don't know about you, but anniversaries always make me think of when it all began...we have many memories of when we met and all the things we have done together since and so my card for this month pays homage to my DOH :)  I don't normally share particularly personal things on here, so make the most of it now!

OK, boring bit over!  Here's my card...

This is the card that I am going to give to my DOH on our anniversary - it's about as masculine as I could muster for a soppy card!  He'll understand!!  :)

I started by stamping the Vintage Wallpaper stamp in Versamark and then added Black Glint embossing glitter to the majority of the image.  Once I'd shaken off the excess, I added Calypso embossing glitter to 'catch' on any areas that weren't already covered by the black powder.  I wanted it to be mostly black with random areas of turquoise.  The Black Glint and Calypso powders compliment each other very nicely as the Black Glint has a subtle sparkle, one might even say 'glint'! and the Calypso powder has a much brighter sparkle.  These guys are fast becoming my favourite powders - and let me tell you, they have some tough competition within the WOW! family! 

I stamped the words 'I love you' from the Express Yourself stamp set and embossed them in Metallic Silver. A little bit of mounting and embellishing later and voila!

I just hope he likes it and that it's not too girly for him!  ;)  

There are some lovely entries in the gallery already - I'm looking forward to seeing plenty more - I hope you can join us.  I can't wait to see how everyone interprets this theme as it has such scope :)

Thanks again for stopping by ;)

Card:       Paper Mill Direct - White Super Smooth, Teal. Pale Turquoise
Stamps:  Vintage Wallpaper Background StampExpress Yourself Stamp Set
Ink:         Versamark
Other:     WOW! Embossing Powders - Black Glint Embossing GlitterCalypso Embossing Glitter;
                    Metallic Silver; pearls

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  1. SIAN!!! First, belated MERRY CHRISTMAS! Thank you sooooo much for leaving a warm, heart-touching comment on my most recent post. We continue with the 'waiting'...nine days in and still no response. An EEG today will tell us more. Sighh....Anyway, congrats on your 6th Anniversary with your special guy; treasure every. single. moment! My parents' 56th anniversary is tomorrow, Dec. 30...You can imagine what my hope is. Your card is quite handsome and striking; DOH will absolutely love it, as do I!!


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