Thursday, 17 October 2013

What a game!!...


How is everyone today?  I don't know about you, but I think this week has absolutely FLOWN by!  I mean, it's Thursday already!  How on earth did that happen?!  

I made a card last night, when I was supposed to be cooking dinner, for the Muse challenge and also for the CAS-ual Fridays challenge.  

This is an example of what I was talking about the other day...a card that you think is going to be awesome (or at least has the potential to be) and then when you've actually finished making it, well, not so much...  This could be a grower and I don't think it's as bad as I think it is (if you know what I mean?!) but more that it didn't end up exactly the way I planned...I dunno...?

Anyway, here it is...

A bit of a fail here on the mirror card photography - apologies people!  I STILL only have one light source...I am working on it!  For such a 'simple' card, I can tell you that this bad boy has taken the best part of two hours.  Yep, you read that right...two hours!  Now you're all thinking that I am a little bit simple myself...I hear ya!  So do I!  Ha ha!  That little star, that TINY little star is what caused the bulk of the aggravation.  I can't even tell you why, but it took me an age to get it to the size I wanted and the perfect shape.  It really didn't need to be so difficult, especially as I did exactly the same thing the last time as I did the first time and all the other times in between to draw the star shape?!  Pleeease, how does that make any sense?!  I am now on first name terms with my protractor and there are lots of pieces of paper currently residing on my desk that have a variety of sizes of stars drawn on them!  

Throughout the whole ordeal, I had a song going round in my was the song 'Ex-Factor' by Lauryn Hill and the opening lyrics are... "It could all be so simple, but you'd rather make it hard"!!!  See?!  Sorry about that little tangent there!  (Showing my age now with my music taste!)

Here's the little sausage in all his glory...finally!!

What you can't really see in the photograph either is that the black panel with the star and sentiment on is popped up from the gold and black base.  I thought that the 'daisy' style die cut looked kinda like little stars too, hence he got a place on this card ;)

Here is the Muse card from Marion Vagg that my card was based on...

I did try to stamp my sentiment vertically, as I have done many times before, but I just CANNOT do it!  I can't...I actually start sweating!  I love how Marion's card has the vertical sentiment, but I just can't do it myself - d'oh!

The little menace of a star means this is another entry for CAS-ual Fridays - whoop whoop!  Yes I know, another CAS-ual Fridays entry...the inspiration really, well, inspired me this time round and who am I to ignore it!  ;)

Thank you to all those who have taken the time to read this whole post...I probably should've placed a warning at the top of it!  I really hold no grudges against anyone who just scrolled to the pictures, I don't blame you in the slightest!  Just thank you all for stopping by ;)

Card:     Paper Mill Direct - Black; Create & Craft - Gold Mirror Card
Stamps: Verve - Glad Tidings
Ink:        Ranger - Perfect Medium
Other:    Spellbinders - Classic Decorative Inserts Three; WOW! - Metallic Rich Gold e/p; gold thread


  1. Well the end result was worth the time! The detail is amazing on this card!

  2. Your card is gorgeous! I think the two hours it took to make was very well spent. Thanks for playing along with us at CAS-ual Fridays!

  3. I understand perfectly how a simple card can take two hours (and a full recycling bin!) I think this is beautiful, elegant and dramatic! Thanks for joining us at Muse this week!

  4. Sian, your star is perfect! No wonder it took so long! Beautiful card!

  5. I feel your frustrations, but I have to tell you that I think this card is AMAZING! I'm in awe of your 'stitched' star and the gold panel with the die cut daisies is just perfect! Very elegant CAS card!!!

  6. Perfect in every the stitch work on the star points!

  7. First look, I thought your card was embossed, and then I realized, nope, this is stitching! OMG! Fabulous x awesome! Gorgeous card, Sian!! As for your posts - tooooo much fun to read! Beautiful card + engaging post = day-brightening and smile-making!

  8. Wow that is dedication, i didn't realised it was stitched I thought it was embossed, but wow what an amazing effect

  9. Hi Sian, thanks for all your delightful comments on my blog! Since you posted another one of your treasures here I couldn't resist to join your blog... I am not sure if you wanted to be part of my blog candy - if you do, you have to follow the requirements and I will put you into the drawing....

  10. Oh, I know you may not be satisfied with the card but I really like it. The simplicity at first glance and then the detail in the embroidery--love

  11. Gosh girl, your stitching is beautiful! I love the result, it's gorgeous!


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