Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Some mid-week Shakespeare...


As promised, I'm back with a calligraphy based card.  It's not super fancy calligraphy, although I often find that the 'simpler' alphabets are the most difficult to master because any slight mistake throws the whole thing out, not to mention that it stick out like a sore thumb!

This card uses a font that I haven't tried before, but I think I'm hooked!

My card is for a dear friend who is feeling a bit down in the dumps after an unexpected break up.  I found this Shakespeare quote and thought it would be ideal for the situation!  I love Shakespeare...the guy was a genius!!

This alphabet is a mixture of 'fat' and 'thin'!!  I used the 'fat' letters for the beginning of each word, and 'thin' lettering for the rest.  I like the contrast, especially in the second line where each word begins and ends with the same letter however one is 'fat' and one is 'thin' :)  I edged each letter along the right hand side with silver ink and then blended the Distress Ink colours over the top.  The colour helps the highlights show up which is good as that was the idea!!  I couldn't decide whether to go red and orange or blue and green, but I chose the warmer colours for this occasion :)

Here's a close up..

I hope you can see it ok?!  The silver highlights and the matt silver mat (hmm, that sounds weird?!) are much more effective in the flesh...not so much in the picture!  I also hope my friend likes it and it goes some way towards making her feel a bit better :)

Thanks for stopping by ;)

Card:     Paper Mill Direct - White, Black; Create & Craft - Matt Silver card; Handmade paper from stash
Stamps: None!!!
Ink:        Windsor & Newton - Black; Manuscript - Silver; Distress Ink - Barn Door, Wild Honey
Other:    None


  1. Fab quote and a beautiful card x

  2. And here it is! It's perfect! Beautiful quote, calligraphy, shading and those silver highlights are the special touch!

  3. It's exciting to see you embracing and sharing your wonderful calligraphy talents, Sian! Yes, yes, it is quite clear and quite perfect! I love the fat and thin and envy you the steady hand and concentration that this perfection requires. (You have a whole army of hamsters in your head at your age!)

    The beautiful coloring and framing are just right to compliment the wise sediment. I'm sure your friend will be touched and feel better! Hugs, Darnell

  4. Your card is guaranteed to perk up your friend's spirits! Your card is thoughtful and heart-warming in its purpose, most stunning in its construction, and most brilliant in its message! Yes, the 'sweetest revenge' is to go forth and live a happy life (and a good 'ptthhhh - that's my version of a raspberry - to the one who caused some hurt). I'm sure you've told your friend that new opportunities will appear. Easier to say then to believe, but in time, she'll meet that 'special' someone! Calligraphy: fabulous!!! Your cards make me happy! YOU make me happy! Hugs~c


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