Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Alternative Christmas colours...

Hello boys and girls!

The bonus of having some time off is that I'm not rushing around quite as much as usual - still plenty to do though!  But, it means I have had time to blog the cards that I have made.  Do you find that you manage to scrape together enough time to make a card, but the time to take the photographs, edit them, upload them and attempt to write something witty in a post is just a feat to far?!  That's where I'm at!

Enough yabbering - the card!

I made this card for the STAMPlorations bi-weekly sketch #21 - they're now on sketch #22...maybe I'll catch up at some point?!!  The card does, however, still qualify for the STAMPlorations monthly challenge - I had an inkling that I would miss the sketch deadline so I made sure it was OK for both challenges!!  ;)  The monthly challenge is Stamps & Embossing' - it was like it was made for me!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE embossing!  ;)

Here's the card...

I wish I had noticed before...but I seem to have taken this photograph at a funny angle which makes the grey panel look awfully askew - I promise you it isn't!  I wouldn't be able to sleep if it was even slightly out, trust me on that one - I am Queen OCD when it comes to stuff like that!

Anyway, glossing over that - here's my card.  I am loving the combination of pink, silver, sparkle and grey for a Christmas card...I never thought I'd say that.  I think this may be a theme for this year...?  Don't quote me on it though!  The snowflakes are stamped in a combination of WOW! Metallic Silver Super Fine and WOW! Sparkling Snow which is a white embossing powder with a really fine and beautiful glitter in - it's subtle and gorgeous!  I was proud that I was able to use my STAMPlorations 'Celebrate' stamp for something other than a birthday card...let's face it, Christmas is a time for celebration!

There is a smidgen of dry embossing too - I don't know how well you can see it in the photograph but I used my scoreboard to emboss some lines along the bottom of the grey panel.  I only very recently acquired my scoreboard, I will have to take some time to explore the line embossing possibilities!  Wow, I sound really exciting don't I!!?  Ha ha!  :)

Thanks for stopping by, I'm hoping to get a few more posts underway over the next week ;)

I have also just remembered that this card would also qualify for STAMPloration's 'Anything Goes' challenge - whoop whoop!  In it goes :)

Card:      Paper Mill Direct - White Super Smooth, Dark Grey, Raspberry Pink
Stamps: STAMPlorations - Celebrate; DoCrafts - Bellissima Christmas
Ink:        Versamark
Other:    WOW! - Metallic Silver Super Fine, Sparkling Snow, Fluorescent Tickled Pink e/p


  1. Love, love, love this color combination and those delicate, embossed snowflakes!

  2. I adore the colour combo and hope it is the colours for this Xmas! Fabulous embossing here, love you embossed the sentiment x

  3. Welcome back at STAMPlorations, Sian! Beautiful card - love the pink and grey

  4. Oooh la la, Sian: the pink/grey combination you've used here is gorgeous, especially with the snowflake/sentiment pairing. Eye-catching, indeed. I'll just call 'winner, winner' on this, because in my books, it most certainly is. Your opening comment about the 'process' of creating, photographing, editing, crafting a witty post (which I accomplish rarely!) as a feat to fear: oh yeah, baby! I so relate! I love the crafting part, but the writing: eek! I truly dislike writing, because I continually worry that I'll be judged on what I do/don't say, and how well or poorly I do so. And to think I'm an English teacher (part time, now...very, very, very part time)! I'm fully aware of what students go through when I give them a writing assignment, and I can honestly say that I've realized what I expect from them is, sometimes, not something I could do myself! Trust me: my teaching has shifted immensely, as a result. They still learn what "they's gots to know", but I offer varying ways for them to express said learnings. I need to apply more of that 'mindset' to my posts; most people come for the card glimpse, paying little mind to what I write. My 'new' attitude: my blog is mine, so I can do as I please; and what I 'please' is that it's a diary/journal of my creative journey, with some day-to-day snippets of life added. I'll call it a 'card-ologue' (similar to a travel-logue...). Anyway, enough yabbering from me! Another visit; another sprinkling of sparkle added to my day!
    Hugs upon hugs~c

  5. Hi, little one! Good to see you back in Blogland! I've been away and am just catching up! I love your pretty card and agree with you about the pink and gray for this year! A classic and rich combo, especially under your excellent design eye!

    I hope you will be able to sneak in more blog posts more often! I can so relate to what you said about the photos and the posting (and don't forget linking!) taking longer to do than making the cards! The secret is not to judge yourself too harshly or to the point of perfection such that it becomes a chore. You have such an incredible talent for card design and execution and you are kind and charming and witty. You can't go wrong! Just be yourself!! And more often, please! Love ya! Darnell


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